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D&AD New Blood 2017 Graphite Pencil Winner

2017 Communication Arts Student Typography Shortlist

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We asked the public to engage with the topic of dementia by writing down their most treasured memories on a post-it and attaching it to our installation, challenging them to consider what it might be like to have those memories distorted or taken away.

We rearranged the collected memories, inspired by the structures people made on the wall to generate a typeface: Remember.ttf is a typography-led campaign that highlights the degradation of our memories - the things that truly define us.

Ensuring we 'don't forget those who can't remember' inspires acknowledgment of the dementia community as part of our society.


Creativity Knows No Borders

Creativity 2017 (NEW TYPE).jpg

Creativity knows no borders is a project that came about through Remember.tff. The head of Central Saint Martins, Jeremy Till, had heard of the project, and invited us to create a similar mural for the CSM Creative Unions, a series of exhibitions on current affairs. At the time, Brexit had recently came to be, and so it became the subject for that Creative Unions.


We decided to comment on how the creative industry would be impacted by the probable abandonment of free labor movement in the EU, saying that even if Brexit took away diversity from our industry, creativity would live on: Creativity knows no borders.


To create this typographic mural, we chose to again use relevant piece of ephemera linked to the cause. We used UK border Force Landing Cards, filled in by all those who would no longer be allowed to stay in the UK, or would not be allowed to come in the future.


In collaboration with

Jordan Smith

Daragh Anderson