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NETWORK_01 is an immersive physical visualisation of how graph databases work. The installation comprises of eight individual journeys between two points of data in the database. Intended to visualise how data works in a graph database, NETWORK_01 is not based on any data, but the ubiquitous, functional shape of a graph database.

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NETWORK_01 cover image.jpg
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Custom Typeface

This typeface is inspired by the shape of the individual journeys in the installation. Designed to use as few marks as possible, the font becomes somewhat obscured in it’s minimalism, but remains legible as a title typeface.

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Way Finding

Visitors to NETWORK_01 are guided through the gallery space to the installation via perspective drawings that mark the way. When visitors turn a corner to discover a new ‘journey’ drawing, they will already be in the right place to see it in the correct perspective. However, as they approach, they will discover it warps on the walls. By following the journeys, visitors will reach the installation in the space.

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When entering the installation space, visitors collect a leaflet with information about the installation. The leaflet features a moiré pattern, animating the flow of the lights in NETWORK_01 as the leaflet is pulled out of it’s sleeve. 

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