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Cry for Help

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Cry for help is a short video exploring the stigma of mental health in British born south east Asian communities. The video features an intimate confession by Manny Bahra describing his first attempt on his life, caused by the lack of support he had from his community and family for his depression. In his confusion and fear, he saw this as his only way out of the terrible place he had no help of escaping.

The video uses a puzzle with Manny’s handwritten words on it as a metaphor for the uncovering of his childhood depression and it’s causes, describing how difficult it is to uncover issues of mental health in the communities, shrouded by pride and denial.

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Brown Boy Blue Poster

Cry For Help is featured in Bahra’s documentary Brown Boy Blue, a short film about his struggles with his own mental health, and his community’s effect on it throughout his life. For the documentary’s release, I designed this poster with the imagery of the puzzle to illustrate Barha’s uncovering of his community’s stigma towards mental health. The puzzle features three stills from the film, Barha himself, his mother and Apache Indian.

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