D&AD New Blood 2018 Pencil Winner

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Last year alone, deadly parasites, mites and crop pesticides caused a 34% decrease in UK bee colonies. With our food chain so heavily dependant on pollination, bees are integral to human survival.

beecause is a social media led campaign that spreads the message:

if the bees go, we go.


Social Media Interaction

The social media interaction drives users to our cause. By sending #beecause to friends, users set off an interaction whereby all of the letter ‘b’s on their friend’s profile page will disappear, soon followed by their own photos and information; If the bees go, we go.


beecause Website

Users are guided to the campaign website where they can, learn about the cause through insightful videos and interactions, find out about local bee conservation efforts and order personalised, Area specific seed packs.


Personalised Seed Pack

After entering their postcode into the website and ordering their pack, users will receive a personalised box. The box contains flower seeds and mushroom spoors that are best suited to the user’s area, depending on specific environmental conditions such as soil quality and climate conditions.

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My roles


Design Concepts


In collaboration with

Jordan Smith

Daragh Anderson

Chris Baker

Kendall Slade