b. 1986, HK.

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Having just finished my degree in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, I would describe myself as a ‘Visual Communicator’.  I believe that today design has a focus on the idea and thinking behind a project, so I focus on creative thinking in my projects and work across all mediums finding the one most appropriate for the idea’s communication.  I work most notably within digital and physical interaction design and also in film and print, in the effort to communicate the idea in the clearest, most concise, and most entertaining way.

I find that my work often uses metaphors or translations which play out to reveal a ‘punchline’.  Depending on the brief, these punchlines can be subtle or very loud indeed. Either way, I always work with the aim to create entertaining and precise illustrations of ideas, both simple and complex.



2017 D&AD New Blood Graphite Pencil

2017 Communication Arts Student Typography Short List

2017 D&AD New Blood Academy Attendee

2  x  2018 D&AD New Blood Pencil